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Tyre in Navan, county Meath

Welcome to Tyre Hangar

Tyre Hangar Falken Tyres MeathStay safe in your car with new or part-worn tyres of the best quality. Avoid dangerous wheel problems with reliable wheel alignment and puncture repair. And keep your car clean with a professional car wash. All these services are available right here in Navan at Tyre Hangar, specialists in supplying and fitting tyres to suit your car and budget. Our office is also equipped with a designated waiting area for you to relax in while work is being completed on your car. We aim to provide a friendly, reliable and professional service to all our customers.

New & Part Worn Tyres in Navan & Ardee

New & Part Worn Tyres in Navan & Ardee

Tyre Hangar Falken Tyres MeathA part-worn tyre is one that has been used before but this does not mean it is worn out. Tyres with enough remaining thread can still go for thousands of miles. Often people change tyres long before their lifespan is over because of changing seasons or style. A new tyre has an 8mm thread and part-worn tyres can have up 75% of this remaining. The legal limit you can drive on is 1.6mm so there’s a lot of life left in tyres yet.


New and part worn tyres

Part-worn/second hand tyres save you money. You can get top quality tyres for a fraction of the price. We supply German part-worn tyres to the highest quality and if you have any questions or concerns, you can check out the tyres for yourself before we fit them.

If you choose new tyres we can advise on the best ones for your car and we supply and fit a wide range of leading brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear and loads more.

Get to know your tyres: Tyre Grades

Part-worn Tyres are divided into grades. Each tyre has a thread that is cut into the tyre to give it grip on the road. Part-worn tyres still have thread but to varying levels. You can decide which one suits you best.

Grade A

If you do a lot of driving and have a high annual mileage count then you’ll like Grade A tyres. These have at least 85% of the thread remaining and are almost new.

 Grade B

For the city or town driver with just average mileage the Grade B might be for you. These have at least 60% of the thread remaining and are an affordable option for the average driver.

Wheel balancingBalancing your tyres for extra comfort

If your tyres are not balanced correctly they can cause vibrations when you drive and your drive will not be smooth and comfortable. In fact, it can affect all the components in your car like the suspension and wheel bearing.

So get your tyres balanced for:

  • A smoother drive
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Enhanced drive train components (everything functions well together)