Falken Offical Dealer!

Good news! We are now official dealers for Falken Tyres.

Falken Tyres are renowned for their affordability and high performance. If you want a tyre that will be reliable, of good quality but won’t break your bank then this will be the tyre for you. These are tyres that easily compete with other best brands, like Dunlop, in grip and durability.

Made with the latest Japanese technology, Falken Tyres have long been associated with sport and performance. In 1999 they joined the Nurburgring 24-hour race and more recently have been involved in drifting championships. The tyres have a reputation for outstanding wet performance (handy in Ireland!). And all this at a reasonable price.

In customer reviews Falken Tyres rank high. According to tyrereviews.co.uk 96% of customers would buy the Falken FK451 again while the Falken ZE914 scores just shy of 90% in all categories of testing with one reviewer saying, These are the best 4 tyres I could have put on my car for the price.’ (http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Falken/ZE914.htm)

In everyday life Falken Tyres has gained popularity with the huge success of tyres like the FK452, which is a top all-round performance tyre.

Falken has become particularly renowned for its winter tyre. The company continually works on improving performance with high volume lateral grooves for braking in ice and snow and a new generation silica rubber mix for optimal road grip.

For safer winter driving talk to us today about Falken Tyres. We stock a range of Falkens to suit your needs and budget, and will have a new all-season tyre coming soon to Ireland.