Understanding tyre markings

Ever wondered what those tyre markings on the side of your tyre mean?
Here’s an example to help you understand.

Take a 175/65 R14 T tyre as an example:

  • 175 – Tyre width in millimetres
  • 65 – Tyre sidewall profile, i.e. the height of the tyre side, expressed as a percentage of its width
  • R – Radial (all tyres are radial now, as opposed to old-fashioned cross-ply)
  • 14 – Diameter of the wheel rim, in inches
  • T – Speed rating, which must match or exceed the maximum speed of your car

When buying a new set of tyres, you should stick to the same spec as those already fitted so it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. But if not, we can help you when you call in for your new tyres.