What the Best Tyres Have to Offer at Tyre Hangar

Tyre Hangar is a recognised supplier of all of the leading tyres – Continental, Davanti, Falken and Uniroyal.

Here is why you might buy each one:

Continental – this company prides itself on being trustworthy and reliable. They strive for excellence and safety, and have great attention to detail. They like to guarantee quality.

Davanti – this company tells us that they ‘lead the way’ in tyres. Tyres are researched and developed around the world and they are so confident about their products that they have a money back guarantee on them!

Falken – they like to think of themselves as the ‘link between the race track and road’. They are interested in quality, technology and sustainability.

Uniroyal – this company has tyres that are a ‘safe choice’ for drivers. They tailor tyres to your needs and work with state-of-the-art technology.

Along with these we have many other choices, so your car will always be matched up with the perfect tyre.